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Black Rise is a global social business platform uniting Black professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses with wider networks, including companies and investors. It fosters connections, community, and opportunities for career and business growth through events and expert insights. Aimed at breaking down systemic barriers and promoting diversity-driven innovation, Black Rise is open to all, with a focus on supporting the Black community towards equity and collective progress.

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For Black Professionals


Join clubs

Connect, and foster collaborations, partnerships, and network within the Black Rise community and beyond.

Access exclusive events

Premium networking events and conferences are designed to enhance skills, share knowledge, and facilitate meaningful connections.


Explore the resource centre

Access an extensive library of resources, including articles, guides, and tools, offering valuable insights for professional development.

Utilise career advancement tools

Tailored features to assist in your career development, from job postings to mentorship programs, empowering you to thrive in your respective field.

Collaboration Spaces

Virtual collaboration rooms where professionals can join forces, exchange ideas, and work together on projects.


Discover initiatives

We bring together all the initiatives, partnerships, and collaborations focused on promoting diversity and inclusion within the platform and the wider business community.

Be philantropic

A space to allow you to give back, enabling you to discover and engage with philanthropic opportunities, contributing to community development and social impact.

For Black Businesses & Entrepreneurs


Showcase your business

Exhibit your products, services, and achievements, providing exposure to a broader audience and potential clients.

Business matchmaking

Identify and connect with prospects and businesses with complementary goals and interests.

Access business event experience

Access to premium networking event experiences such as lunches, dinners or retreats designed to facilitate collaborations, partnerships, and your business growth.


Access our resource centre for businesses

Access business-centric resources, insights, and tools.

Entrepreneurial development tools

Tailored features to assist you in your business development, from funding opportunities to expert consultations.

Business growth resources

Access to resources aimed at supporting business growth, scaling strategies, and market expansion.


Collaboration spaces for businesses

Access dedicated virtual rooms and private clubs for businesses to collaborate, explore partnerships, and engage in joint ventures.

Promotion and visibility

Enhance your business visibility with features such as listings, promotional opportunities, and partnerships.

Investor discovery

Showcase your potential and be easily discovered by investors interested in supporting and funding promising ventures.

Black Rise Connect

Crafting unique events

Picture immersive experiences with like-minded individuals in stunning locations. Beyond the workplace, we’re bringing people together through culinary adventures, exquisite events, creating moments that stimulate not just the mind but the senses. Join us for an extraordinary blend of connections, conversations, and delights.

Elegant table setting with candles in restaurant. Selective focus.

Learn from successful Black Leaders

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Black Rise Podcast elevates you with the most Black Leaders. A gateway to inspiring conversations with the crème de la crème of Black talent who are leaders who own and/or lead 7-figure or higher-figure businesses across a spectrum of industries. The host is Flavilla Fongang, an award-winning serial entrepreneur and she will be your guide on this journey.

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